Chennai Corporation Commissioner Inaugurates TAPMA’s ‘World of Plastics’ Pavilion on Responsible Plastic Use

Chennai, June 14, 2024

Mr. J. Radhakrishnan IAS, Commissioner of Corporation – Greater Chennai, inaugurated World of Plastics (WOPS), a theme pavilion on plastics use, disposal, segregation and recycling, set up by the Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufacturers Association (TAPMA) at Chennai Trade Centre today. A part of TAPMA’s International Plastics Expo, WOPS will be open to the students and the general public during June 14-17, 2024 from 10am – 6pm. 

The theme pavilion features Augmented Reality awareness videos, interactive games on source segregation, and furniture made of recycled plastics, among others. The focus will be on the promotion of segregation at source and recycling of plastics waste. The pavilion is expected to attract thousands of school/college students, resident associations and officials from city corporations and local bodies engaged in solid waste management. Gifts and awareness booklets are given to all visitors, and prizes to the winners of the video games.

In his comments, Mr. Swaminathan, Chairman – Environment Committee, TAPMA said, “Plastics are widely portrayed as a villain to the environment. Today, they are the most maligned material. However, in reality, plastics are among the most useful materials for both people and the planet. They are lightweight, strong, durable and most affordable. Hence are extensively used from cradle to grave – and in all sectors from packaging, healthcare, building, construction, infrastructure to agriculture. But there is a lack of awareness among the public about responsible plastic use. As a result, plastics pose a big threat to people and the planet. For instance, they are littered everywhere, becoming eyesores. Animals on the streets consume plastics mistaking them for food, which leads to indigestion and even death. Marine litter, including plastics that enter the seas from the land and discarded fishing nets, pose a significant threat to aquatic species.

He emphasized that plastics are here to stay and cannot simply be wished away. The key is to gain a deeper understanding of the material, use it judiciously, maximise reuse opportunities, ensure responsible disposal, and actively participate in recycling efforts. This approach will help eliminate plastic litter from streets and water bodies, thereby safeguarding the environment. Hence, TAPMA is organising WOPS to raise awareness about the benefits of plastics, highlighting their high recyclability and energy recovery potential. The pavilion intends to educate the public on preventing plastic litter, proper segregation of plastic waste at its source, and promoting recycling practices”.