Keka organizes Vaccination Drive for employees in collaboration with eKincare

Hyderabad, 18 June, 2021: After month-long planning incurring a cost of Rs. 3.6 Lakhs, Keka, India’s leading HR Payroll Software company, successfully vaccinated all its employees. All Covid-19 precautions were followed during the vaccination camp organized by Keka in collaboration with eKincare. The operations of the vaccination drive was managed by eKincare which ensured a smooth vaccination process by procuring all medical requirements for the drive.

The vaccination drive was planned in a way that it vaccinated not just the employees but also their family members. To ensure the health and safety of the employees and their families, Keka explored all possibilities before organizing the Covid-19 vaccination camp. For the agency to organize the camp, a data collection process was initiated from 30th May. This helped them to gauge the number of employees and their family members who needed vaccination. Based on this number, further medical arrangements were made.

Speaking on the organizing of this important drive, Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder Keka said, “As you are aware the second wave of the virus has been devastating and impacted us all. To help curb the virus, vaccination has become the need of the hour in India and our objective is to help our employees get through these tough times with maximum ease. We will continue to take all necessary measures for the safety of our employees in the future as well. ”

By 6th June, the documentation process was completed, and the drive was successfully executed a few days later. In the past, to help the country during the pandemic, Keka has also organized several other CSR activities. For instance, it organized an initiative for the safety of the Hyderabad Police, by providing over 3000 sanitizers to these frontline workers.

By conducting this drive, the brand’s vision is not to bring the employees back to the office, but to help them feel safe and lower their stress and anxiety related to Covid-19. Most importantly, though from a distance, but it was a time when all the employees could meet each other face-to-face after a long period of a year. It was a way for the employees to feel connected once again, share some smiles, and get a collective insight into the fact that we are all in this together. At Keka every employee is family, and their care is of paramount importance for the management.

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