Medicina Futura – an International Homeopathy Conference will be held in Chennai on 3rd December.

Chennai, December 2023: The Global Homeopathy Foundation, Dr. Koppikar’s Foundation for Homeopathy and Vijnana Bharati Organizations will jointly organize an international homeopathy conference called “Medicina Futura” on 3rd December at IIT Research Park, Chennai. This conference is currently being held in Chennai as a continuation of the 2023 – 24 Homeopathic Vijnana Sammelan events that are being held at all important locations in India with curtain raisers at important international locations. Homoeopathic doctors, regulators, policy makers, consultants, professors, various medical bodies, state and central government officials from all over the country will participate in this conference.

The one-day conference will have a multi-disciplinary panel discussion on Homeopathy in Academics, Practice and various experts will discuss different topics such as, recent research advances in homeopathy, low hanging but high potential solutions through homeopathy, homeopathy in agriculture and veterinary care, homeopathy in public health initiative. Also, various experts who have excelled in the field of Homeopathy will be honored in this conference. Dr Anil Khurana, Chairperson, National Commission of Homeopathy, Prof. Bejon Misra, Chairman, Expert Committee Insurance Sector for AYUSH, GOI and International Consumer Policy Expert and Dr. Jayanthi S Ravi, IAS, Secretary, Auroville Foundation is participating as special guests at the conference.

Dr Jayesh V Sanghvi, Chairman, Global Homeopathy Foundation said, Indian Homeopathy enters a new era as it consolidates the strength of Homeopathy in the Indian Pluralistic healthcare as a role model for Global Healthcare. MEDICINA FUTURA, the 4th VIJNANA SAMMELAN international homeopathic conference is  a path-breaking nationwide multi-front empowerment of SAFE, EFFECTIVE, FINANCIALLY VIABLE & ETHICAL HEALTHCARE options, capable of helping with a solution to some of the most worrying global health challenges (eg: AMR – Anti Microbial Resistance) that are the greatest concern and challenges of WHO and medical fraternities worldwide. MEDICINA FUTURA is a part of our effort for creating greater scientific acceptance of Homeopathy globally and also towards improving and consolidating the Core Strength of Indian Homeopathy in Curative, Preventive, Promotive Health and ultimately mainstream it as a role-model for National and Global Healthcare. It will also showcase Homeopathy’s vast scope in Agriculture and Veterinary sectors.Tamilnadu’s Legends of Homeopathy will be honoured – Six posthumous and two living legends. As a first in the history of Homeopathy, globally, GHF along with ViBha is in the process of organising a series of ten national/international conferences across India in a span of 12 months, with Curtain Raisers in fourteen countries to Consolidate the Strength of Indian Homeopathy as a Role-model for Global Healthcare. This Series culminates in one of the Worlds Largest ever Homeopathic event, a five day International Conference cum Expo – The WORLD HOMEOPATHY SUMMIT 2024, with 6000 delegates from 75+ countries at Kolkata in late 2024 – A life size statue of the Father of Homeopathy in India, Dr Mahendralal Sarkar will be unveiled then.

Dr Sreevals Menon, Managing Trustee, Global Homeopathy Foundation Said, “Homeopathy In Current Paradigm Shifts in Global Health Challenges. This conference to engage in the area focussing on low hanging potential solutions through Homeopathy in core areas like NCDs, primary care in communicable diseases, prophylaxis, mental health, psycho-somatic diseseases and lots more. Adapting Homeopathy to futuristic multi-disciplinary and integrated healthcare as personalized medicine. Homeopathy has precision personalized medicine. Impactful Evidenced Public Health Initiatives with Homeopathy in Infertility (Janani Project) Peri Menopausal Issues (Seethalayam Project ) and five more project’s ongoing. Kerala Govt Homeopathy Department becomes role model for India. Experts arriving at conference as speakers. Conference focus on Inculcating & Enhancing Fundamental, Integrated & Multi Disciplinary Research among Homeopathy Scholar’s and of other Ayush streams.  Lead Australian Researcher Dr Michael Kuzeff speaking at the session on research. Homeopathy Insurance Adaptation – New Avenues adapting with Govt and Private Insurance Sector. AHiMS from Homeopathy Department of Kerala turning a pioneering effort in Homeopathy Insurance adaptation. Expert’s like Prof. Bejon Misra, International Consumer Policy Expert and Expert’s from Kerala Government arriving ( ). Exposing Scope Of Homeopathy in Agriculture and Veterinary domains. Experts coming in from Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Gujarat and Pondicherry arriving with evidenced success stories. Homeopathy as potential solution for Anti Microbial Resistance. A disruptive development giving new hopes to AMR solution with Homeopathy to be discussed at conference. South African Allopath-Homeopath Dr Barbara Cawood will talk on Public Health Initiative’s with Homeopathy in SA