Book Launch Of “It’s Only Mind & மகிழ்ந்திடு By A.T.Rajkumar “

Chennai, August 2022: “It’s ONLY MIND & மனமே நீமகிழ்ந்திடு” was launched by Author A.T.Rajkumar in Chennai today. Vallabha Srinivasan, Writer and Heritage Enthusiast,Vidya Subramaniam, Writer & R. Mahendran, Sustainable Development Coach, Writer was the guest of honour for the Book Launch and released the Book “It’s ONLY MIND & மனமே நீமகிழ்ந்திடு” in Chennai today.

The Author, A.T.Rajkumar, has already written 2 earlier books immensely popular with well received by a wide audience.


Every person wants to fulfil certain ambitions, goals, and desires – to make himself or herself happy in life. Humans have defined success in life in terms of money, popularity and power. However, in the process of making ourselves happy by achieving these ambitions, goals, and desires, we have laid extra focus on success and seem to lose our innate sense of joy, peace and calm. 

We create certain expectations and want outcomes, as per our expectations. When we don’t see the desired outcomes, or when we face challenges and failures, we get stressed. We fail to see the truth of life and often feel lost and disillusioned. One of the truths, is that life is not about winning always. It is also not about earning a lot of money, power and popularity. The journey of life includes challenges, defeat, failures, and feeling the discomfort of it all. 

Commenting on the launch Author A.T.Rajkumar said,Important aspect is to understand that comparison is one of the worst things that human minds can do. People tend to compare themselves with others and are also scared of comparison. This results in a negative mindset including: jealousy, insecurity, fear, ego, and to certain extent – negativity and greed.

This book answers questions posed by several people while facing their life challenges and stresses. This book contains simple and practical truths and guidelines as to how we can achieve our desires and goals without getting stressed, keeping our emotions calm, and living life in an effective manner. It shares how we can create a right mindset, what understandings and realisations we need to reach, what changes we need to make in our mind, thoughts, beliefs and emotions, how we can nurture and heal relationships and achieve our goals through an experience of deeper stillness and peace, he added.

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