Amit Shah launches ‘EN MANN, EN MAKKAL’ padyatra in Tamil Nadu

Union Home and Cooperation Minister and senior Bharatiya JanataParty leader Amit Shah on Friday flagged off BJP’s statewide 6-month-long ‘EN MANN, EN MAKKAL’ (My Land, My People) padayatra in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. During the inauguration of the Padayatra, Amit Shah emphasized that this journey would liberate Tamil Nadu from nepotism and corruption while also bestowing greater recognition upon Tamil culture across the nation.  He said that this is not merely a political padayatra. The padayatra, covering all 39 Lok Sabha constituencies and 234 assembly constituencies in the state, will end on January 11, 2024. While addressing the gathering, Amit Shah also lashed out at the opposition alliance.

Amit Shah’s ‘EN MANN, EN MAKKAL’ padayatra has raised the pitch for the 2024 elections. No leader in present-day Indian politics demonstrates the level of alertness and dedication to election preparation that Amit Shah does, as he works tirelessly day and night. Amit Shah, serving as BJP’s chief election strategist, has consistently steered the party to success, making it the largest political party globally. Over the past 9 years, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah’s guidance, the NDA government has prioritized performance-based politics over casteism, familyism, appeasement, and regionalism.

Today, the DMK is the most corrupt political party in the country, with its minister facing allegations of involvement in multi-crorescams and being in jail.

But he still holds the post of minister in Stalin’s government. The people of Tamil Nadu as well as the entire country want to know that why the Stalin government is not taking resignation from a minister who is in the jail? Stalin makes more than 500 promises to win the election, but after winning he does not keep even one of them. Rather than fulfilling its promises, the Stalin government has engulfed the entire state of Tamil Nadu in liquor, drug, and ganja trade. The people of Tamil Nadu have become aware of Stalin’s political approach, which involves making promises without following through on them.

Today, the people in the country resonates with BJP’s formidable leader, Shah, often referred to as the modern-day Chanakya, who believes that regardless of the opposition alliance’s name changes, people will recall the 2G scam, the Commonwealth scam, the coal scam, Chopper Scam, Submarine Scam, and ISRO Scam whenever they seek votes from the people. The opposition parties do not want to develop India, they only want to develop their families. Sonia Gandhi wants to make her son Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. Stalin wants to make his son Udhayanidhi the CM. Lalu Yadavwants to make his son Tejashwi Yadav the Chief Minister. MamataBanerjee wants her nephew Abhishek Banerjee to be the CM and Uddhav Thackeray wants his son to be the CM. These people do not want to make India strong, but want to empower their sons, daughters and nephews.

Since independence, the attitude of the Congress on issues like Article 370 and Ram Mandir has been negative. The people of Tamil Nadu can never forget that the Tamils were massacred in Sri Lanka during the Congress rule and the plight of Tamil fishermen took place during their time. But in Modi ji’s second term, on the direction of Amit Shah, Article 370 was also repealed, and the Ram Mandir issue was also resolved. The public of the country has witnessed this wave of transformation.