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The key to media publicity is the newsworthiness of organization and its activities. There is no business that does not have any newsworthy information. Things that might seem ordinary to a firm may interest certain sections of the media as being important and newsworthy. The events that will immediately grab the interest of the media are:

  1. Opening a new business
  2. Launch of a new product
  3. Information regarding new tools, machinery or technology
  4. Future plans of an organization
  5. Information pertaining to tie-ups with foreign firms or with regard to signing up of agreements
  6. Information regarding big-league business orders worth more than a crore from within the country or from abroad
  7. Information with regard to a firm’s expansion or diversification
  8. Information with regard to receiving or presenting awards
  9. Information regarding things that are done for the first time in the state or in the country
    10.Information on appointment of franchisees, traders or dealers
    11.Information relating to the problems in the industry
    12.Information on the functions relating to commerce and business
    13.Information about a trade fair or a fashion parade

Be it the organisation looking for publicity or media itself, the ultimate aim of both these set ups is to reach out the public / target group with the information that interests them and that they are eager to know about. Information as said above will create an impression about the organisation and help it have a branding edge.

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