Celebrate the world cup season with Amazon Fresh Super Value Days From 1st – 7th October 2023

Coimbatore, October 2023

With the World Cup season and festivities kicking inget ready to host your guests and loved ones with loads of snacks and specially curated recipes using fresh fruits and vegetables, and pantry essentials with Super Value Days from the 1st to 7tOctober. Whether you’re hosting a game-night gathering or cheering for your favouriteteam solo, get yourself the perfect game-time munchies at great offers. Enjoy up to 45% off on staples, packaged foods, personal care, and baby and pet care products among others. Customers can stock up onmonthly essentials and avail fresh offers on popular brands such as Catch, Ariel, Dabur, ITC, and Tata among others at convenient delivery options from a single online destination. 

#HarGharMeinStadium with Cricket Mania store which will serve as the ultimate hub for time out refreshmentsfor the customers. Whether you’re looking for finger-licking nibbles, refreshing beverages, or desserts, we’vegot you covered with up to 60% off you your favourite snacks and beverages. Furthermore, celebrate the upcoming flavourful festivities with the juiciest apples from Farm-Fresh Apples store to keep yourselfenergized throughout the season. Additionally, customers can save more on groceries and discover great offers with upto 40% off in the Deals Zone.

Here are some of the offers by participating sellers:

Get value deals on seasonal fruits: 

• Fresh Apple Golden: Indulge in the crisp sweetness of our Fresh Golden Apples, handpicked for perfection. These golden apples promise a delightful snacking experience bursting with natural flavors and wholesome goodness. Savor the taste of freshness with every juicy bite. Buy on Amazon Fresh for INR 99. 

• Fresh Baby Apple Shimla: Shimla apples encompass many different varieties that range in size from small to large and from round to oblate to conical in shape. These apples are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Buy on Amazon Fresh for INR 140.

• Fresh Apple Royal Gala: Curate the best recipes with these flavorful, juicy apples. Royal Gala is best served in fruit chat, salads, smoothies, pies etc. Buy on Amazon Fresh for INR 303.

• Fresh Apple Kashmir: Experience the unparalleled taste of our Fresh Kashmir Apples, a true embodiment of nature’s bounty. Handpicked from the serene orchards of Kashmir, these apples are a blend of sweetness and a hint of tartness, ensuring a delightful and refreshing treat. Enjoy the essence of Kashmir in every crisp, juicy bite. Buy on Amazon Fresh for INR 147.

Satiate your munching needs for the cricket season: 

• Tata Tea Gold: Tata Tea Gold is a unique blend of fine Assam tea leaves with a special 15% long leaf. The tea leaves understand the varying taste preferences of Indians and have been crafted using a unique blend that ‘chai’ lovers across the country enjoy. Available on Amazon.in for INR 467.

• ITC MASTER CHEF Desi Style Chicken Patty: Give your burgers a spicy Indian twist with ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty. Indulge in this mouth-watering frozen non-veg snack, perfect for house parties or just everyday snacking. It’s tasty, nutritious, made with high-quality ingredients without any added preservatives. Buy this on Amazon.in for INR 142. 

• Betty Crocker Complete Classic Pancake Mix: Delight in breakfast perfection with Betty Crocker Complete Classic Pancake Mix. Crafted for easy preparation and a fluffy, golden outcome, it’s the ultimate go-to for a quick and delicious morning meal. Enjoy a stack of timeless, homemade-style pancakes with every mix. But this on Amazon Fresh for INR 185.

• Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 300g: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills is a one-of-a-kind cookie that you can indulge in for a sinful chocolate experience. It has a perfectly baked golden cookie on the outside, luscious molten chocolate on the inside. Buy this on Amazon.in for INR 99.

• Bingo! Original Style Chilli Sprinkled, Potato Chips, 90g/100g: Looking for a way to shake things up? Just pop open a pack of Bingo! Savour these spicy chips which come in the form of flat cut wafers, the original style of potato chips. Buy this on Amazon.infor INR 37.

Stock up on kitchen staples: 

• Catch Turmeric Powder, 500g, Natural: Catch Turmeric Powder is sourced from the best farms of Sangli (Maharashtra) and Erode (Tamil Nadu). You can add a distinct flavor to your dishes with Catch Turmeric Powder. It is ground to perfection without any added fillers to ensure the highest Catch Turmeric Powder provides a unique flavor and color to your dishes. Buy this on Amazon.in for INR 133. 

• Organic Tattva, Organic Unrefined Mustard/Sarso Cooking Oil (1L): Elevate your culinary experience with Organic Tattva’s Unrefined Mustard/Sarso Cooking Oil. Made from organic mustard seeds, this oil preserves the natural flavors and nutrients for a healthy cooking choice. Unleash the essence of purity and taste in every dish, embracing the goodness of organic living.  Buy this on Amazon.infor INR 179.