Chennai based Adinath Jain Trust offers free aids and assistive devices for the needy and underprivileged people 

Chennai, June 2023

True to the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the World’, Adinath Jain Trust Seva Kendra, Choolai, since 1979, has been changing and evolving for the betterment of humankind, bestowing kindness on countless of less-fortunate people in the society. 

Medical and healthcare aid:

From providing free mobility aids like the Artificial Limbs, Tricycle and Wheelchair to the people with movement disabilities, to organizing free computerized eye testing and providing spectacles and hearing aids to the needy, to free cataract operation (with lens), to Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tulum centre, Toxin centre, skin treatment, neurology, Ayurvedic treatment magnet therapy and Physiotherapy treatments that can avoid several ortho operations. complete with a Yoga meditation centre, Adinath Trust comes as a great blessing to the humanity in need. 

Restoring hope in the journey of these people from their ‘dependence to independence’, Adinath Jain Trust continues to conduct regular monthly free aid distribution camps and in the past 44 years has provided free aid to more than 12.5 lakh beneficiaries.

Vocational Education Aid:

With the need for upskilling and reskilling across industries growing, Adinath Trust’s following vocational skills training programs will undoubtedly help the deserving and talented underprivileged youth of the society. Training in tailoring & embroidery, Jainology course, Finishing school, Jeev Daya, Personality Development, Calligraphy, Music, Phoenix, Tuition centre, Accounts,Tally, GST, and Diploma Degree in Jainology, Tatvagyan & Jain vidaya. 

Transformed lives of the beneficiaries:

Benefiting from the free prosthetic mobility aids and essential organ screening camps, gifted by various donors and sponsors, the underprivileged and poor people, have not only improved their quality and standard of living, but have also boosted their confidence and social standing in the society and have elevated to the next level in life. All empowered, they are now physically, emotionally and socially strong seeking right employment opportunities to reduce their dependence on the family members, increase their savings, thus becoming economically potential, with a future full of hope, sans the social stigma.

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