Chennai to Host TN Digital Summit 2024, Biggest Ever Conference on Digital Transformation

Chennai, May 2024

The inaugural edition of TN Digital Summit 2024, a high-octane conference on digital transformation and business, with a special focus on digital success stories from the state, is set to take place at Hotel Hilton, in Chennai on May 25 and 26, 2024Organised by Social Eagle, a leading digital marketing academy and business growth agency, the event will feature talks by 30+ top digital experts and enthusiasts, 17 sessions, and 3 panel discussions that promise to offer insights, trends, and strategies for the digital era for entrepreneurs and professionals from different industries.

TN Digital Summit 2024 will also have an awards night featuring the distribution of awards in 25+ categories to recognise the works of digital creators, influencers, and digital marketing/business agencies. 

The speakers will include industry icons such as Dr. A. Velumani PhD. Creator, Thyrocare, Mr. C K Kumaravel, Co-Founder of Naturals, Mr. Muthuraman, Founder of Lakshmi Ceramics; Mr. Sivarajah Ramanathan, Mission Director & CEO, Startup TN; Dr. Santhosh Jacob, Responsible Value Creator; Mr. ‘Digital’ Deepak, Co-Founder of PixelTrack; Mr. Gopal Krishnan, Creator of Binge Marketing; Mr. Rohan Dhawan and Mr. Pratham Sharma from UAbility; Ms. Nivetha Muralidharan, Founder of Newgenmax Digital Solutions; Mr. Shubh Jain, Founder of Launch at Scale; and Mr. Swastik Nandakumar, Peak Performance Coach. The talks and discussions will be centered on a range of digital trends such as personal branding, content creation, and AI in marketing and e-com strategies. 

In his comments, Mr. G. D. Dharaneetharan, Founder, Social Eagle, and 21DC Community, said that TN Digital Summit will bring the brightest minds and leaders in the digital industry under one roof. The summit aims to empower businesses and individuals to leverage digital technologies for growth and prosperity. It will focus on the latest trends, upcoming innovations, and existing challenges in the digital space. Attendees can expect a rich lineup of sessions curated to provide invaluable insights, abundant networking opportunities, and actionable strategies for success. “We are thrilled to bring together a diverse group of speakers who are pioneers and rulers in their respective domains. The summit will serve as a catalyst for driving digital transformation, fostering collaboration, and inspiring innovation in Tamil Nadu and beyond.”

Mr. Vishnuhari, Co-Founder, Social Eagle, said, “Whether you are a business owner looking to scale digitally or a marketer seeking innovative strategies or an aspiring entrepreneur eager to learn, the TN Digital Summit 2024 will have you covered. The summit will provide the participants with ample opportunities to engage, learn, and grow. The awards ceremony will offer digital professionals and agencies a chance to celebrate achievements and forge valuable connections. We are particularly excited about the diverse range of topics and speakers lined up for this summit. We hope that the summit will make a significant impact on the digital landscape of Tamil Nadu and beyond.” 

The awards of TN Digital Summit will recognise digital influencers in the categories of cooking, comedy, beauty & fashion, education, finance, food, fitness, gaming, health, life skills, lifestyle, psychology, and travel, among others. Besides, awards will be given also to professionals (such as doctors and lawyers), entrepreneurs, business people, and storytellers, who excel in tapping the opportunities offered by the digital medium for personal branding and business growth.”  

The summit will also present the following unique awards: The Disruptor of the Year, Tech Creator – Technology & Hardware, Quality Production (Tech) – Video & Edits, Positive Impact Creators / Shining Stars, Social Service / Humanity Award, Entertainer of the Year, Celebrity Creator of the Year, Nano Influencer of the Year awards. Best digital agency awards will be distributed under the categories of: Campaign Effectiveness Award, Best Use of AI in Client Campaign, Best PR Campaign, Best PPC Campaign, Best Social Media Campaign, and Best Creative Campaign. The summit will honour a digital startup with the Best Digital Start-Up of the Year award.

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