CII–Young Indians and Chennai Super Kings Together Drives a Campaign“Say NO to Child Abuse”

Chennai, India – December 2023: The Yi Masoom Cup 2023 concluded with a resounding celebration of sportsmanship and social commitment, showcasing an exemplary collaboration between CII–Young Indians (Yi) and the esteemed IPL powerhouse, Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The event hosted at the Ti Murugapa Cricket Ground in Avadi, unfolded as a vibrant spectacle, not only highlighting cricketing prowess but also fervently championing the cause against child abuse.

Amidst the thrilling match and the shared commitment to child safety, a new campaign was unveiled— “Say NO to Child Abuse” —#whistleforchildsafety. This initiative aims to mobilize widespread support and action against child abuse, urging individuals, communities, and organizations to use their voices, symbolized by the whistle, as a call to action for child safety and protection. The campaign’s goal is to amplify awareness and encourage active participation in safeguarding children from abuse in all its forms.

The much-anticipated exhibition league match between the Yi National Team and CSK went beyond the boundaries of the cricket field. It symbolized a unified stance against the pervasive issue of child abuse in its physical and digital forms. This initiative aimed at raising awareness and education on this critical issue garneringsignificant attention from cricket enthusiasts, social advocates, and concerned citizens.

The friendly match witnessed the participation of renowned CSK players, including stalwarts like Mr S BadrinathMr Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan and Mr K B Arun Karthik among others. Their presence and active involvement added significant momentum to the cause, leveraging their influence to draw attention to this vital issue.

Reflecting on the profound impact of the match, Dilip Krishna, Yi National Chairman, commented, “The Yi Masoom Cup epitomized our collective resolve to shield our children from abuse. Through the medium of sports, we created a resonating platform that sparked essential dialogues and emphasized the imperative of child protection.”

On the occasion, Mr Saurabh SurekaNational Chairman, Yi Sports, said, “This year we launched Sports for a cause theme in Yi so that we could use sports as a medium to spread awareness in national building exercises. The collaboration of Yi and CSK for our project Masoom was a big leap towards this. CSK with its status as one of the top teams of India’s most popular sports helps us with our vision to reach out to every nook and corner of the country to spread awarenessagainst Child Sexual Abuse under our project Masoom.”

The Yi Masoom Project, spearheaded by Young Indians, remains steadfast in its mission to eliminate the scourge of child abuse, emphasizing that the safety and well-being of every child are collective responsibilities.