Dr Amar Agarwal Becomes the First Indian to Deliver University of Nottingham’s Prestigious Norman Galloway Lecture

Chennai, January 2024: Prof Amar Agarwal, Chairman of Dr Agarwals Group of Eye Hospital, delivered the prestigious Norman Galloway Lecture at the University of Nottingham, and received the Norman Galloway Award, the first Indian to be honoured with these global recognitions. This event took place at 26th Nottingham Eye Symposium and Research Meeting 2024, held on January 19, 2024. 

The eye symposium and research meeting is organized for the dissemination and discussion of cutting-edge basic science and clinical ophthalmic research. The award was given by Prof Mrs Dalia Said, Consultant Ophthalmologist, and Professor Harminder Singh Dua, the chair and professor of ophthalmology at University of Nottingham.

The Norman Galloway Lecture was endowed in 1996, by Mr Nicholas R Galloway, Consultant Ophthalmologist at the University Hospital Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham (retired 2001), in memory of his father. The lecture has since become a key feature of Nottingham Eye Symposium and Research Meeting, a nationally recognized event.

In his lecture, Dr Agarwal spoke on various techniques and innovations like Glued IOL where an intraocular lens can be fixed in the eye using tissue glue, and Pre-Descemet’s Endothelial Keratoplasty, an advanced corneal transplantation technique in which only a thin 25 micron corneal tissue is used for transplantation. 

On being honoured with these global recognitions, Dr. Agarwal said, “Norman Galloway was a legendary British ophthalmologist who saw and helped to implement great changes in the practice of ophthalmology. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to deliver a lecture endowed in his name. It also gives me great pleasure to receive his namesake award and be the first Indian to be honoured with these great recognitions.”

Dr. Amar Agarwal is a pioneer in Glued IOL surgeries. He has contributed greatly to the field of ophthalmology – be it a glued IOL or a PDEK transplantation. Dr. Agarwal has won many awards for his revolutionary innovations in ophthalmology, the most significant being the Barraquer and the Kelman awards. He has also authored over 80 books that have been published in various languages.