During Modi’s 3rd tenure as PM, India will become 3rd largest economy and stand proudly in front of the world: Amit Shah

Chennai, January 2024: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressed the valedictory session of ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit’ in Gujarat. On this occasion, Shah expressed confidence that, ‘India will stand proudly in front of the world by becoming the third largest economy during Modiji’s tenure as Prime Minister for the third time.’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had had envisioned ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ two decades ago and the result can be seen today. The role of ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit’ is going to prove important in building a self-reliant and fully developed India. Through ideas, innovation and investment, ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit’ has strengthened the economy of Gujarat as well as the entire country. For decades, the Modi-Shah duo lived in Gujarat and worked to develop the Gujarat model, based on which, the citizens handed nation’s baton to Modi. Prime Minster Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are effectively shouldering the responsibility today. India is the most favourite destination for manufacturing and investment in the whole world and Gujarat is the most favourite destination within India.

Under Prime Minister’s leadership and the guidance of Amit Shah, ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit’ has worked to bring investment to the ground by providing a platform to ideas and innovation, which has benefitted both Gujarat’s as well as the economy of the whole country. As a result, many states of the country have adopted the model of Vibrant Gujarat for industrial development. Modi made Gujarat a policy driven state, today investors from all over the world are attracted by the policies and are investing in Gujarat, the gateway to developed India is passing through Gujarat.

It is a well-known fact that when Modi took charge as the country’s Prime Minister, India’s economy was at number 11 in the world and today, within a decade, India ranks among the top 5 economies of the world. In the coming times, India is set to become the third largest economy in the world.

The pair of Modi and Shah has changed the condition and direction of Indian politics. They provided the country with a new identity at the global level, accelerated the country’s economic development and given a new identity to India. Suffice to say, Prime Minister Modi is set to be back in 2024.