Empowerment Through Education: Anupama’s Resilient Journey Back to Finance

Chennai, May 2024

In the dynamic field of finance, where market conditions fluctuate and technologies evolve, continuous learning is not merely beneficial—it is crucial for anyone aiming to maintain relevance and achieve success. Anupama’s story is a compelling testament to this, as she navigated her way back into the finance sector after a deliberate break to focus on motherhood. Her journey underscores not only the importance of resilience but also the transformative power of education.

Anupama had a rich history in banking and insurance operations, with over eight years of experience before she decided to take a career break. This break was not a full stop but a comma in her professional journey, as she planned to return once her daughter reached school age. “Even during my break, I was always career-oriented. I had this clear vision to return to finance, which I knew would require upskilling,” she explained during a candid conversation about her career.

Upon deciding to return to her profession, Anupama chose a Certificate Program in Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Risk Management offered by Hero Vired. This decision was driven by her recognition of the gap between her previous experience and the new skills required in the evolving finance landscape. The program she selected offered a comprehensive curriculum that aligned well with her career aspirations and the current industry demands.

The transition back into the workforce, however, came with its own set of challenges. “Initially, it wasn’t easy to crack the tests or the interviews, but I dedicated myself to constant learning and practice,” Anupama shared. This period was marked by rigorous study and self-assessment, as she sought to not only regain her former expertise but also add new, relevant skills to her portfolio.

The curriculum was more than just an academic exercise; it was a revitalization of her knowledge and a booster for her professional confidence. Through interactive sessions, real-world case studies, and continuous feedback mechanisms, she was able to effectively bridge the gap between her past experiences and the current market requirements. “The program not only refreshed my knowledge but also integrated me smoothly back into the workforce,” she noted.

Looking forward, Anupama is not content to just participate in the industry; she aims to lead within it. Her future plans are marked by ambition and a clear vision for her career trajectory. “I plan to pursue further certifications like the CFA because I believe that continuous professional development is essential for staying relevant and excelling in my field,” she stated enthusiastically.

Anupama’s story is particularly inspiring for working mothers who might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of returning to their careers after a break. She serves as a motivational blueprint on how to tackle this challenge head-on. “For those mothers pressing pause on their careers, remember the importance of setting a strong example for your children. If we fail at something, rather than running away, we should stay in the process, keep sharpening our skills, and eventually, we will succeed,” she advises.

This message is not just for her child but for all those looking to resume their professional journeys. It’s a reminder that perseverance, continuous learning, and a supportive educational environment are key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Anupama’s narrative is more than just a story of returning to work; it’s about thriving through challenges and leveraging education as a catalyst for professional transformation. Her journey through the program exemplifies how determination, the right support, and relentless pursuit of growth can enable achieving a balance and excelling in both personal and professional life.