Eye Research Centre Gets SBI’s CSR Funding for Its Community Outreach Program

Chennai, 14 February 2024: Eye Research Centre (ERC), a not-for-profit organization, has received Rs. 60,77,500 from the State Bank of India’s CSR fund for strengthening its community outreach program.The bank’s contribution will go towards procuring an advanced surgical microscope that will help the charitable institution perform complex surgeries in large numbers for people from economically backward communities at free of cost. 

Dr. Athiya Agarwal, President, ERC received the cheque for the CSR contribution from Mr. Vinay M Tonse, Managing Director, State Bank of India, recently. In her comments, Dr. Athiya Agarwal said, “We are thankful to the State Bank of India for supporting our mission of restoring the vision of poor people. We consider it just the beginning of a meaningful collaborative partnership. We will be utilising the fund for procuring an advanced surgical microscope that will help our doctors perform complex surgeries and help restore eyesight for thousands of people from economically backward communities.”

Talking about the core activities of ERC, she added that over 50% of blindness in the world can be attributed to cataract, the clouding of the lens in the eye. “However, we can remove cataracts through surgery and restore clear vision. Our consultants perform over 700 cataract surgeries a month. We offer the poor patients the same level of treatment that we provide to our paying customers in our clinics and hospitals.”

Founded by Padma Bhushan Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal and his wife, Dr. Tahira Agarwal in 1978, Eye Research Centre is focusing on outreach programs in poor communities across villages, towns and districts in and around Chennai and neighbouring states. It conducts eye camps to identify people with vision problems. ERC then brings patients to its facility in Chennai and performs thorough eye examinations and provides advanced eye care services, including surgeries, all at free of cost. The centre has amenities for food and stay for the patients throughout their treatment period.