Workshop on “The Role of ICSW in Promoting Social Development through the NGO (Hosted by ICSW Tamilnads State Branch) Saturday, 3rd Dec 2022 held at YWCA International Guest House, Chennai.

The Indian Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) was established in 1947, when it was inaugurated in the name of “Indian Conference of Social Work” at the first all India Conference of Social Work held at Mumbai. It has 12 state branches and its Nation office is in Mumbai ICSW was instrumental to establish School of Social Work in Madras in 1952. ICSW aims to provide a national forum for the discussion in Social Welfare and related issues and foster the developmen of social welfare throughout the country apart from exchange of information and experience among social workers and social agencies. The organization also undertakes and promotes research on social issues. Cooperation and coordination among national and regional organisations related to the field of social welfare has been one of its primary objectives. It also promotes social work education and encourages field project and action programmes apart from helping to develop social.

Objectives of the Workshop

i.To create a platform for the ICSW southern zone to meet and exchange information on the activities of the ICSW State chapters

ii. To deliberate on ways and means to gear up the NGOs in their respective states to achieve
social development

iii. To prepare State wise Action Plan for the way forward

Level of Participants:

i.ICSW Executive members from Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka. ii. Potential NGO members of ICSW from Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka.

Approximate number of Participants: 25-35 (Each State to be represented by a minimum of 5


Anticipated outcomes of the Workshop

i. ICSW State chapters of Southern zone familiar with the neighbouring ICSW State chapters

ii. All the participating NGOs are informed of ICSW and prepared to associate with ICSW iii. ICSW State chapters are clear of the strategies to be adopted to network with NGOs in the

respective States to achieve social development iv. State wise Action Plan in place for the ICSW State Chapters of the Southern Zone

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