Mahendra Singh Dhoni urging people to remain healthy and undergo preventive health checkup this year

Chennai, Jan. 2023

On-field success is rooted in strong health and if health is a priority, then proper health checks are the ways to go. On his social media handle MS Dhoni (Dhoni), the former Indian cricket team captain says ‘For all those who prioritize health like me, here is my secret, I do all my blood tests and regular health check-ups easily from @Neuberg Diagnostics! Try my health screening plan’.

Dhoni, known for his philanthropy and commitment to social causes, is excited to be associated with Neuberg Diagnostics. The Former India Skipper and Captain of Chennai Super Kings Says, “I believe in getting health check-ups done regularly in order to remain healthy and active. By partnering with Neuberg Diagnostics, I hope to spread this message to a wider audience and encourage more people to prioritize their health,” he said.

Annual health checks are not a norm in the country and most people look at Lab tests and Health check-ups as a recovery response to an illness, and not as preventive healthcare. To this end, along with creating awareness and encouraging regular check-ups, the team at Neuberg Diagnostic designed ‘Captain’s Health Check Package’, to make diagnostics more accessible and affordable. The package comprises a series of tests including liver function, lipid profile, kidney function, thyroid profile, diabetes profile, CBC, ESR, vitamin D, calcium, and urine analysis, all necessary for better personal health and healthier life.

India is passionate about cricket and Dhoni is household name in nook and corners of India and raising health awareness using Dhoni as Brand Ambassador has been a huge success across India for the past two years especially given the proliferation of the sport across the sub-continent. Mr. A Ganesan, Group Vice-Chairman, Neuberg Diagnostics says, “We would like to thank Dhoni for the Facebook post on regular health check which is the need of the hour. Sports leaders like him are enlightening the public about preventive healthcare, a step that will have a lasting positive impact on the health of Indians as a whole”.

The leaders at Neuberg are committed to providing affordable healthcare across India, and that struck a chord in me.  Neuberg is a promising Healthcare brand, and I am proud to be associated with the Neuberg team and its various programs aimed at providing access to quality and affordable healthcare. I feel that these efforts are important and deserve to be encouraged,” said Dhoni.

Neuberg Diagnostics, with its presence in multiple cities and internationally accredited care quality, have been closely working with Dhoni to actively draw attention to health checkups and preventive care. With the advent of New Year 2023 and several health resolutions making the digital rounds, the timing of the initiative plays well into the public healthcare sentiment that peaks during this time of the year, unlike athletes like Dhoni for whom healthcare is daily part of the routine.

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