MDRF Partners with embedUR to co-create advanced AI models for Diabetic Research

Chennai, 23rd May, 2024: In an effort to mitigate the growing prevalence of diabetes in India through research, the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Asia’s largest stand-alone diabetes research institution, today entered into a strategic partnership with embedUR systems, a global innovation leader in AI, Edge Computing, IoT and Cloud, to co-create advanced AI models for diabetic management.  This collaboration between embedUR and MDRF seeks to harness the transformative power of AI for diabetes research with the goal of strengthening the efficacy of clinical studies in the field and improving the quality of diabetes management in the country. The MoU between MDRF and embedUR systems was signed today in a press conference by Dr. V Mohan, Chairman – Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) and Mr. Rajesh C Subramanium, Founder and CEO of embedUR Systems. 

The collaboration will see experts from both embedUR and MDRF diving deep into MDRF’s extensive Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) datasets of a sample size of several thousand patients. Utilizing cutting-edge AI computing tools developed by embedUR, the teams will develop sophisticated AI models capable of continual learning and refinement. Experts from both organizations will collaborate closely, employing various metrics to gauge the efficacy and relevance of the data. This will ensure that the software developed is precisely tailored to address the critical needs in diabetes management.

‘embedUR is excited to partner with the Madras Diabetic Research Foundation in this ambitious endeavor’, says Mr. Rajesh C Subramanium, Founder and CEO of embedUR Systems. ‘We firmly believe that AI-powered pattern recognition could help unravel the complex interactions between life-style factors and co-morbid conditions that would impact a patient’s quality of life. This advanced analysis will help pave the way for personalized education and treatment plans. We envision a healthier world with greater awareness of diabetes risk factors driven by intelligent monitoring and individualized care, democratized using AI.’

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. V Mohan, Chairman – Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, said “The partnership between MDRF and embedUR marks a significant milestone in diabetes research. By combining our extensive CGM data with embedUR’s advanced AI capabilities, we are pioneering a future where AI-driven insights can transform the landscape of diabetes management. This collaboration accelerates our ability to identify critical parameters and paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field. This is truly the future of research, where technology and healthcare converge to create innovative solutions for better patient outcomes.”This strategic approach aims to deliver impactful solutions that can transform diabetes care and management. The preliminary findings from this analysis will guide the development-related efforts, ensuring that the AI models are built on robust and relevant data.