Namma Yatri Autos Now in Namma Chennai: Customers Pay Less, Drivers Earn More with Zero Commission Model

Chennai, Jan 2024Namma Yatri, India’s open and community-first auto booking app, part of the ONDC Network, was launched in Chennai by the Esteemed Transport and Road Safety Commissioner. Conceived and built by the graduates from Anna University, this innovative, zero-commission app is designed to empower auto drivers with higher earnings and autonomy while providing affordable and convenient transportation for Chennai’s residents. Namma Yatri is a tribute to the spirit of Chennai, its iconic autos, and our hardworking drivers.

The Honorable Transport and Road Safety Commissioner, Mr. A. Shanmuga Sundaram, IAS chaired the event and flagged the official launch of service in Chennai. He congratulated Namma Yatri team for developing a direct to driver model towards building a happy and harmonious community of drivers and commuters in Chennai. Mr. I. Jeyakumar, IRTS, Special Officer at CUMTA, emphasized the app’s potential role in integrated urban mobility. Mr. Bhaskar Verma, South Head at Nasscom, highlighted Namma Yatri’s use of technology for social impact. The event also featured the felicitation of top Namma Yatri Stars, the auto drivers themselves.

Namma Yatri exemplifies ONDC’s vision to democratize commerce in the mobility sector. Backed by Juspay Technologies, a leader in payments technology, Namma Yatri serves over 2 lakh drivers and 40 lakh customers, facilitating more than 2.5 crore trips. It has enabled drivers to earn over ₹360 crore without any commission. The app is loved by drivers and customers alike with a rating of 4.8+ and over 50 lakh downloads. The app is customized for Chennai, including the availability of driver app in Tamil and an enhanced user booking experience to prominent locations such as Valluvar Kottam, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Birla Planetarium, Lighthouse, Tidel Park, Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, etc.

Mr. T Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, noted, “Namma Yatri on ONDC network exemplifies the power of open networks in transforming urban mobility. It will facilitate more efficient, inclusive and sustainable transportation.” Adding to this, Mr. Vimal Kumar, CEO of Juspay and an alumni of Anna University shared, “Namma Yatri is more than an app; it’s an attempt to empower the drivers, to build product and technology that is inclusive and help drivers embrace the customer-centric mindset. Its technology is open (Open Source), it has published its data in the open and has joined the Open Network for Digital Commerce initiative. We’re very happy to bring it to Chennai and are looking forward to actively collaborating with the local ecosystem to make this vision work!”

Namma Yatri’s launch marks a new chapter in building a community-first, sustainable mobility solution in Chennai. With nearly 10,000 drivers already on board, Namma Yatri plans to add 1 lakh drivers in the next 6 months. It is committed to deepening its integration with Chennai’s transportation fabric and soon expand to other cities in Tamil Nadu to offer a seamless, efficient, and inclusive travel experience. Namma Yatri isn’t just about connecting places; it’s about connecting people, fostering community bonds, and driving towards a more sustainable and connected Chennai.

About Namma Yatri: Namma Yatri (NY), developed by Juspay Technologies, is India’s leading open mobility app. With a vision to empower drivers to offer their services commission-free, it is built on the Open Mobility Protocol (ONDC). Namma Yatri enables drivers to provide mobility solutions at a population scale. Transforming urban mobility requires the collaboration of Samaaj (Community), Sarkar (Government), and Bazaar (Business), and Namma Yatri embodies this approach. To date, NY drivers have completed over 2.5 Cr trips, earning more than ₹350 crore commission-free. Namma Yatri boasts 1.8+ lakh drivers and more than 45 lakh riders.

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