National Legislators Conference Bharat to be held in Mumbai Next Month

Chennai, May 2023

Several prominent leaders have endorsed the National Legislators’ Conference (NLC) Bharat scheduled to take place next month in Mumbai. Cutting across party lines, the leaders have expressed that the exercise that will see congregation of over 2,500 legislators, will be a historic event.

Speaking at recent event organized at the Jio World Convention Centre, Sumitra Mahajan, former Lok Sabha Speaker said, MLCs and MLAs from different regions will come together to discuss sustainable issues, exchange perspectives, and learn about the challenges being addressed in their respective states. It is essential to prioritise the nation first, followed by the state, and then the individual constituency. Such gatherings facilitate communication and understanding between legislators from different regions, allowing them to learn about each other’s constituencies and exchange ideas.” 

The leaders believe that in a diverse culture like ours, there is a need to bring legislators from across the country, cutting across party lines to have a meaningful dialogue. Speaking through video conference during the recent event, Dr Meira Kumar, former Lok Sabha Speaker said, “There are very few countries where there are multiple religions and sects. The forthcoming conference is all set to create history. Several issues related to social justice, international relations, or education, are going to be discussed. This is a great opportunity. We need to document the learnings from the conference properly so that it can serve as a learning document even years from now.”

Rahul Narwekar, Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly too lauded the efforts put by the organisers of NLC Bharat. “Shri Rahul Karad ji, under whose views and vision this idea was conceptualised, deserves more than an applause for coming up with such a brilliant idea of getting legislators across the country on a common platform to ensure that we adopt the best parliamentary practices and best principles of parliamentary democracy, which in effect is going to strengthen not only the values of democracy in this country but also give new ideas to legislators across the country.”

He urged the need for the conference which will only strengthen our democracy. “As we all know, under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India today stands to be the 5th largest economy in the world, which is the youngest populous country in the world with an average age of 27 years. And in the true sense, I must also acknowledge that the parliamentary system might have its disadvantages, but after comparing it across the world, it is the best among the best for sure, and therefore we must exert our individual efforts to strengthen the system. If we have to convert this advantage of being the youngest populous country in the world, we need to inculcate the values of parliamentary democracy in every youth in this country.”

NLC Bharat is a non-partisan platform that will unite over 2,500 Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) and Members of Legislative Councils (MLCs) from every State and Union Territory in Bharat. The gathering scheduled to be held at Jio World Convention Centre from June 15-17will provide an exceptional platform for elected representatives to showcase their commendable practices and exchange innovative ideas. With this being the first-ever conference of its kind in our nation’s glorious history, it promises to be a transformative moment that will shape the course of Indian politics for generations to come.

The conference offers lawmakers a chance to interact and share knowledge, with a focus on improving legislative effectiveness and promoting good governance for a brighter future. Distinguished legislators from Bharat will engage in experiential learning and thematic discussions, joined by national and global leaders and party officials aimed at strengthening democracy. This comprehensive approach promises to yield valuable insights and strategies for shaping the future of democracy in India and beyond.