Chennai: Nippon Paint, acclaimed as the leading paint manufacturer in Asia, is renowned for offering its customers a boundless realm of creative possibilities and a diverse spectrum of colour options. This partnership represents a notable achievement in the design sector, as Nippon Paint and the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) unite to unleash the potential of creativity and innovation.
The captivating ‘INSCAPE’ Folio Design Series embarks on a mesmerizing and educational journey into the world of design. This exceptional compilation comprises seven exquisitely designed folios, with each one exploring a distinct facet of design excellence. Meticulously arranged, the series functions as an extensive manual for design experts, and individuals who possess a profound admiration for design. It transcends the status of a mere informative source, as it showcases discussions, viewpoints, and insights from celebrated design experts, influential millennials, recipients of the Padma Shri award, esteemed scholars, and accomplished design professionals.
Turning this launch into an occasion for participation, sharing, and knowledge-sharing, the event featured the inaugurated of awe-inspiring artworks at Anna Tower Park, marking a genuine celebration of nurturing an all-encompassing design community. The park has been enhanced with murals that portray the essence of traditional culture while harmoniously enhancing the park’s pre-existing natural lush greenery. This event was graced by Ar. P. A. Ravi, Chairperson, from Indian Institute of Interior Designers along with Mr. Dharmesh Mehta, Hon. Secretary, and Mr. Shakthi Narayanan – Treasurer at the institute.
The inauguration was made more prestigious with the presence of notable individuals, including Chief Guest Padma Sri Thota Tharani, a renowned Indian film art director and production designer, and Guest of Honours Smt. Pushpalatha Jaishanker, Councilor, Chennai. Additionally, the event welcomed Ar. Xavier Benedict, Conservation Architect, Ar. K. Senthilkumar, a Member of the Council of Architecture, and Ar. Babu Venkatesan, the Chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects in Chennai.
“A Pioneering Partnership for Artistry and Innovation,” says Mr. Mahesh Anand, President, Nippon Paint India (Decorative Division). He further added, “We are thrilled to partner with the renowned Indian Institute of Interior Designers for the eagerly awaited release of ‘INSCAPE’ and the magnificent art presentation at Anna Tower Park. Nippon Paint has consistently emphasized innovation and visual aesthetics. The launch event exceeded all anticipations, offering an exceptional visual spectacle that left attendees spellbound and infused with a wealth of artistic inspiration. Through the harmonious synergy of Nippon Paint’s unwavering proficiency and IIID’s passionate commitment, this series is poised to have a significant influence on the artistic realm and the thriving designer community.”