Rela Hospital’s Super Santa Squad Spread Joy, Hope and Cheer to Patients

Chennai, December 2023: In a heartwarming initiative, Rela Hospital welcomed a group of Santa Kids from The Alt School, spreading the joy of hope and cheer among patients and attenders. This Christmas festive event, organized by Rela Hospital along with the students of The Alt School aimed to bring smiles and a sense of holiday magic to those spending their time in the hospital during the holiday season.

Dressed in festive Santa costumes, a group of 30 enthusiastic children from The Alt School aged between 2 to 14 entered Rela Hospital armed with gifts, chocolates, and a contagious spirit of goodwill. The children, along with their teachers and school staff, went across the hospital bringing laughter and warmth to patients, attenders, and staffs.

The Santa Kids were engaged in various activities, including carol singing, dancing, and distributing specially curated gift bags filled with small presents and treats. The infectious joy radiated by the young visitors uplifted the spirits of patients and brought a sense of community and togetherness to the hospital environment.

“Christmas is all about spreading smiles, joy, and cheer like confetti! We, at the ALT School along with a bunch of our homeschoolers dress up as Santas for a Santa Parade and we visit malls, star hotels etc. to spread smiles. This year, our homeschoolers wanted to parade into a hospital. The first name that came to our minds was ‘Rela.’ We have heard so much about this place that truly has been providing world class healthcare support to many. We thought, why not get there and cheer the patients, doctors and rest of team. This was a very wholesome experience for our little Santas. Just to watch other people happy, made these little Santas happier! Hats off to Rela Hospital for supporting this initiative and truly going all out to cheer their patients and people” said Ms. Deepa Athreya, spokesperson for The Alt School.

“Witnessing the transformative power of these little Santas is truly heartening. The energy and cheer they spread is Ineffable. Seeing the smiles on the faces of our patients and the Santa Kids, reminds us of the profound impact small acts of kindness can have. This is not just a festive celebration; it is a reflection of our dedication to spreading hope and cheer throughout our hospital, creating an environment where healing extends beyond medical care.” said Dr.Ilankumaran Kaliamoorthy – CEO, Rela Hospital.