Social Beat Films Launches First Ever Thumbstopper Films For Bharat Matrimony

Chennai September 2023 

Bharat Matrimony has teamed up with digital video marketing agency, Social Beat Films, to create a ground-breaking series of thumbstopper films showcasing their latest feature, interest-based matching. Social Beat, India’s fastest-growing Independent digital marketing company has always been ahead of the curve introducing innovations in their offerings to their clients. Social Beat Films is their latest foray into the world of Thumbstopper films. 

Gone are the days of sifting through countless profiles that may or may not align with personal interests and passions. Bharat Matrimony’s new interest-based matching feature employs cutting-edge algorithms to connect like-minded individuals on a deeper level. Social Beat Films has embarked on a creative journey to produce a series capturing the necessity for this now vital approach to matchmaking.

Each film is based on the POV of a woman with a distinct interest positioned with a partner from another, leading to a comical clash of interests. The crisp writing, the rich visuals, the quirky sounds, and the subtle yet whimsical performances from the leads have collectively elevated the films to greater heights despite their smaller sizes.

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat said, “We are excited to extend our existing partnership on the media front, to creative solutions. This series as an extension of the Be Choosy campaign brings to life three thumbstopper videos, which are vertical, short-form video creatives built around a strong emotional core to narrate a brand’s story. This fascinating new content format addresses short attention spans in the era of mobile advertising. SB Films is excited to amplify and scale this campaign.”

Mr. Arjun Bhatia, CMO, said, “There is a huge amount of content vying for attention in today’s digital world which results in limited customer attention. We are always on the lookout for innovative mediums to win back mind space. We believe Thumbstopper films are a powerful tool to cut through the clutter and grab attention. Social Beat has constantly innovated and we believe that Social Beat Films will be invaluable to us.”

The Power of Thumbstopper Films

Thumbstopper films, characterized by their ability to capture viewers’ attention within the first few seconds, have emerged as a powerful tool in the realm of video marketing. With the increasing popularity of reel content, the landscape of digital video is no longer the same. The era of 9:16 film has already begun. Crafting this unique concept into the emerging world of reels has been the defining moment for Social Beat Films as they venture into this space of byte-sized storytelling.

Social Beat Films is a digital video marketing agency working with leading brands such as boAT, Fortune, Go Colors!, and Indian Terrain. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, Social Beat Films continues to redefine the possibilities of digital storytelling through video.