State Bank of India celebrates International Women’s Day and organizes ‘Annadan’

Chennai, March 8, 2021: State Bank of India (SBI), as a public institution, has always endeavored to fulfill its developmental role for every Indian. To be in sync with the Bank’s philosophy, Stressed Assets Resolution Group (SARG), a vertical of SBI has recognized the role of women in nation-building by celebrating International Women’s Day and organizing  “Annadan” or “Food Donation” across the country. The donation is for 47 needy NGOs engaged in empowerment of women undertaken by 65 branches of SARG that donated food materials like rice, wheat flour, edible oil, sugar, pulses and salt worth approximately Rs. 10,00,000.

International Women’s Day function at SARG, Corporate Centre, was inaugurated by Ms. Shabnam Narayan, CGM (SARG) by lighting the lamp. CGM Ma’am in her address appreciated the role of URJA Trust in empowering the homeless young women in claiming their rightful place in society. CGM further dwelt upon the gender inequality issues both at home and at the workplace and the need to overcome them. On this occasion, women employees of SARG at Corporate Centre, Mumbai contributed for “Annadan” which included a donation of 2175 kg of food materials to URJA Trust, an NGO working for the welfare of homeless women in Mumbai, and another NGO Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, engaged in providing shelter and schooling to tribal children.

As a part of the celebration, SARG felicitated its women employees for their distinguished services. Also, all women employees of the Vertical were gifted with 1 kg of dates to improve general well-being more particularly, hemoglobin levels in the body, and mitigate anemic conditions.

During the celebrations, the bank staff ensured that COVID protocols were adhered to.

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