‘Story Time with Sudha Amma’ witnessed a grand launch of a captivating animated series

Chennai, Nov. 2023

Murty Media, a content production house, established to create accessible content, in a momentous celebration launched its show ‘Story Time with Sudha Amma’ on its dedicated YouTube channel. The event was graced with the presence of celebrated author and Padma Bhushan awardee, Sudha Murty, who, with her timeless storytelling, has woven narratives that have resonated across generations. Distinguished guests included Aparna Krishnan, President, Murty Media; Megha Tata, CEO, Cosmos Maya, the animation powerhouse behind the show; renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi, and the musical maestro Shantanu Moitra

By prioritising both education and entertainment, Murty Media through its endeavour ‘Story Time with Sudha Amma’ is trying to make a positive impact on the way children consume media, providing content that not only entertains but also enriches young minds. The theme song was performed live at the event by the talented young kids who lent their voices to the song under the guidance of musical maestros Prasoon Joshi and Shantanu Moitra. At the event, Mrs. Sudha Murty exuded warmth in her address to the audience, sharing small excerpts from her life emphasising the role of storytelling and the present need to cater to kids even in the remotest of places through the animated series. 

Sharing her thoughts, Mrs. Sudha Murty said, “I have always firmly believed in the power of storytelling and its innate ability to hold the attention of kids and adults alike. Story Time with Sudha Amma is Aparna Krishnan’s baby and it was her vision with Murty Media to bring stories alive in animated format and make it more accessible. I wholeheartedly thank her for her relentless efforts and I am happy to watch my stories with my own eyes, witnessing every character take its own form.”

Aparna Krishnan, President, Murty Media said, “It is indeed a big day for us at Murty Media. The recently launched YouTube that we have created has been conceptualised with the aim to provide engaging, informative and homegrown content. Every content on the channel educates, celebrates, inspires and enlightens, a perfect confluence of elements to create a positive impact on kids.”

Megha Tata, CEO, Cosmos Maya said, “We are excited at the prospect of bringing Mrs. Sudha Murty’s stories through animation and reaching it to an even far wider audience. We are thankful to have Prasoon Joshi and Shantanu Moitra through whom the magic of the music has brought the essence of the story to life. We have had a fantastic journey so far and hope that the audiences and the kids in particular will love what we have created together.”

Adding on, renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi said, “What an opportunity this is! For the longest time, I wondered when I would get this kind of opportunity again to make a song for kids. There is so much innocence that is involved right from the creator of those stories Mrs. Murty to the kids and I hope that the show and the song is well-received by everyone.”

Musical maestro Shantanu Moitra said, “Since the composition was for kids, I had to keep in mind the spirit and essence of the show and at the same time ensure that the song would hold dear to these young hearts and minds. I was super excited at the opportunity to work on asong for the show that has been adapted from Mrs. Sudha Murty’s stories and hope that it remains not just as a song but a source of inspiration for the kids.”