Tamil Nadu’s first Laser Angioplasty Centre launched by Kauvery Hospital

Chennai, 5th February 2021:Kauvery Hospital, one of the leading healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu launched the state’s first laser angioplasty centre. Laser angioplasty is a technique where laser light is used to remove blockages in coronary arteries that are traditionally labelled, ‘not treatable’ with angioplasty. Recently a 60-year-old woman was successfully treated through laser angioplasty by the team at Kauvery Hospital.

“In this procedure, a catheter is inserted into an artery that emits advanced laser light rays which eliminates tough blockages in its path, the ones which could not have been treated with conventional angioplasty,” explains DrA B Gopalamurugan, Senior Interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, Chief of Department for Transcatheter Valve & Endovascular Therapies, Kauvery Hospital.

The 60-year-old woman had symptoms of chest pain and she was diagnosed with blocks in her arteries. She was recommended an open heart surgery as it could not be treated with conventional angioplasty. Since the patient had renal failure and was on dialysis she was hesitant to undergo an open heart surgery. Later the family approached DrA B Gopalamurugan, and upon examination of the patient’s angiogram, he recommended laser angioplasty, a technique which could be used to open up the blood vessels of the heart which otherwise could not be treated through conventional angioplasty. The patient was admitted to the Hybrid Catheter lab at Kauvery Hospital, she underwent laser angioplasty and was discharged within 24 hours post treatment, completely free from any complications.

“This procedure eliminates the conventional need for open-heart surgery in many patients, it is a highly precise and effective treatment enhancing the quality of life for many patients. It minimises hospital stay where the patient can go back home within 24 hours of the procedure, thereby preventing hospital acquired infections. The total time taken to perform this procedure was close to two hours and within a few hours after treatment, the patient was able to walk,” adds DrGopalamurugan.

Speaking on the launch Padma Shri Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO, Zoho Corporation said , “ Being one of the leaders in healthcare , the team of Kauvery has always been committed to offering best in class treatment facilities . It is indeed a breakthrough in the field of angioplasty and I believe the centre of Laser Angioplasty is going to benefit many in future. My wishes to the team on launching the same.”

The procedure demands for a highly skilled team of Interventional cardiologists and well equipped infrastructure like a Hybrid Cath Lab Operating room which will create a safe environment to handle complex cardiac procedures. Speaking about the launch of the centre ,DrManivannanSelvaraj, Founder and Managing Director , Kauvery Group of Hospitals said , “I congratulate DrGopalamurgan and his team on introducing this revolutionary procedure which is sure to benefit a lot of patients. Our centre is one of the first in Tamil Nadu to have laser angioplasty headed by renowned expert with a team of internationally trained cardiologists. With stringent infection control systems in place and with cutting edge technologies, we constantly strive to deliver better and faster recovery for patients.”

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