Vinoth Kumar Srinivasan and Brigid Jerend Kimitwai  win the Freshworks Chennai Men’s and Women’s Full Marathon 2023 powered by Chennai Runners 

Chennai, Sunday, January 8, 2023:

Vinod Kumar Srinivasan from Coimbatore won the Mens full marathon and Brigid Jerend Kimitwai from Kenya won the womens full marathon at the 11th edition of the event here today. The Freshworks Chennai Marathon 2023 powered by Chennai Runners saw over 20,000 enthusiastic runners participating across categories. Twenty thousand plus runners were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd that had gathered at various points along the route of the marathon early this morning. 

The full marathon and twenty miler both started from Napier bridge today morning at 4 am and was flagged off by Dr. Jayanth Murali IPS (Retd) and the Half Marathon that started from Olcott School Besant Nagar was flagged off by Ma. Subramanian, Health Minister, Tamil Nadu. The Commissioner of Police, Thiru Shankar Jiwal, IPSflagged off the 10 km run. 

A total of Rs. 20,00,000/- (Twenty Lakhs Only) was distributed as prize money this year to the winners in various categories. The 11th edition of the marathon saw several firsts including, over 20 thousand plus runners, 30 debutant runners with visual impairment, 50 blade runners and 50 wheelchair runners. Runners comprised professionals, passionate runners, teams from various corporates across Chennai, several important dignitaries from the corporate world and citizens participating for the first time ever. 

In its 11th edition, the Freshworks Chennai Marathon 2023, powered by Chennai Runners, the largest running event in Chennai and the second-largest marathon in India, comprised of four events for men and women including, a Full Marathon (42.195 Km) – the flagship race of the event, the Perfect 20 Miler (32.186 Km), the Half Marathon (21.097 Km) and the 10 Km Run. 

Vinoth Kumar Srinivasan, winner of the Mens Full marathon said, “This is my 30th marathon. I couldn’t complete my first 10 marathons but then I slowly started improving with training. I am a part of the Covai based Triumph Club. This is the fifth time I am participating in this marathon. It has only got better and better. In 2018, I came 4th. In 2019 I came in 2nd place. In 2020 I was 3rd and now I have won the marathon. This is a result of my continuous training. I trained for 3 months at Coonor at high altitude prior to coming here to participate.” 

Brigid Jerend Kimitwai, winner of the Women’s Full marathon said, “this is the first time I have come to Chennai and this is my first ever marathon. I came here only for the marathon. I trained for 3 months back home in Kenya and will be returning home next week. The marathon was organized very well and we were well looked after. I thought it would be challenging but there was superb support all along the way and I faced no problems. The weather was pleasant and the run was enjoyable. I hope to come next year too.” 


Freshworks Chennai Marathon 2023 powered by Chennai Runners brought together a host of Chennai-based brands as partners. Gold Winner as Health Partner, Baashyaam as Lifestyle Partner, Sundaram Finance Group as Silver Partner, Chennai Metro Rail Corporation as Metro Partner, Apollo Hospitals as Medical Partner and CR Volunteers as First Responders. 

The Freshworks Chennai Marathon 2023 powered by Chennai Runners is a world-class event comparable with the best marathons around the world. This was the 11th edition of the Marathon and it has been growing in popularity and is now a very important event in the calendar of serious runners both nationally and globally. The organizational skills of the team, the smooth conduct of the event and top of the line technological & medical assistance are some of the reasons for its growing popularity. 



Full Marathon – Men’s 

1. Vinoth Kumar Srinivasan                 – 02:37:28 

2. Gyan Babu                                       – 02:48:46

3. Jegadheesan Munasamy                   – 02:57:39

Full Marathon – Ladies 

1. Brigid Jerend Kimitwai         –       03:31:36

2. Sandya Shanker                     –       03:33:57

3. Mamta Rawat                         –       03:53:41

Perfect 20 Miler – Men’s 

1. Jose G                                    –           02:04:54

2. Venkatesan Palanisamy       –            02:05:54

3. Shubham Dixit              –      02:11:49

Perfect 20 Miler – Ladies 

1. Tim Tim Sharma         –        02:31:25

2. Vinaya Malusare         –         02:40:57

3. Rama Ranjani             –         03:03:45

Half Marathon – Men

1. Monu Kumar               –        01:16:09

2. Mallikarjuna P             –        01:18:30

3. Asokan Shanmugam   –         01:24:47

Half Marathon – Ladies 

1. Vrushali Uttekar                  –            01:35:59

2. Jagadeeswari J                     –            01:45:52

3. Tharanidivya Palanisamy    –           01:56:22

10Kms – Male 

1. Adesh Yadav                         –           00:32:18

2. Rohit Rana                             –           00:33:23

3. Siva Sanjay                             –          00: 33:26

10Kms – Ladies

1. Kasthuri T                               –         00:48:30

2. Theyana Baskaran                  –         00:48:57

3. Bala Abiramani                       –         00:54:40

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