Why you should do video PR

It’s no surprise that print is on the descent while viewership of video is raising. When it comes to news, the‘ instant gratification of real-time video streaming content and the feeling of seeing news unfold with your own eyes ca n’t be matched by print. After print, people were talking about the digital surge but now even digital newsrooms are declining and websites are sensing the heat! People want news instantly and engaging newsworthy video content is what it’s all about. 

 People have always been visual accustomed and study has proved that illustrations catch more attention and induce further interest than textbook. Cashing in on this reality is easy when you have some good vids. The consumption of video content by social media users has raised manifold. This is particularly true of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

 Embedded videos 

 The role of video editors is building up. They’ve become much sought-after and lot of newsrooms are now recruiting technical creatives and editors who can compose unique videos that can be embedded into stories. Having a video embedded this way improves ranking, reach and social sharing. 

 Go for multiple formats 

 The on-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit for video PR. You have to make diverse kinds of video content suited to different audiences. The video length also matters, you might need to adjust it for different video channels and social media. 

 Keep it real 

 Make the video seem as natural as possible. Something that seems overly scripted will lose its credibility and destroy the purpose of making it. Ensure that there’s decent visual appeal and that it’s captivating enough. It must be brief, after all not everyone has the tolerance for long videos. In fact, for Facebook, videos with a run- time of at least 30 seconds would have lost one-third of the audience that started watching it. 

How to increase views 

 Have a eye-catching title. Make sure that it’ll seize the interest of your followership. Do not forget to ask people to share the your videos. Do run video campaigns on social media. Also do pin the video to the top of your Twitter feed. Do share the video to relevant online community, it could be a Facebook group from your professional industry, a Twitter conversation, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or anything else. When running email campaigns, add a video summary to it. 

Research has exposed that roughly 85% of all videos on Facebook are viewed without the sound on. What does this mean for you? You must ensure that videos have relevant captions so that audio doesn’t count as much. 

 Animated explainer videos 

These employ animation to explain product features or benefits; it makes for a happy followership. Well optimized PR videos can rank incredibly high in search engines, particularly in Google. They can also be optimised on YouTube to perform well for important search terms. 

 Promote your success 

Whenever you have a successful campaign, make sure there are short videos that display your success. Prospective clients who see similar videos will be convinced of your credibility and expertise. 

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