Dairy Effluents Pose Health Hazards for Women’s College Students in the City 

Chennai, January 2024

The students at Dr. MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for Women, based out of Raja Annamalaipuram, are at risk of health issues, as a nearby dairy farm is discharging untreated effluents into the environment. Effluents released unlawfully into the Adyar River permeate the ground, leading to water contamination in the college well. Moreover, the negligent maintenance of the dairy farm and its unhygienic conditions, make it a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Following complaints from the people of the vicinity, the Adyar Zone Office of Greater The Chennai Corporation has issued a second notice to the dairy farm, directing it to cease the release of effluents into the environment and establish proper infrastructure for the hygienic upkeep of the farm. It is to be noted that the corporation had issued a similar notice four months ago but there was no response from the farm.  

The farm, owned by Ms. P. Geetha and her associates, housing more than 40 cattle, and is situated in close proximity to the college campus. Despite numerous complaints from the public regarding the farm’s unlawful discharge of effluents and the resulting adverse effects on groundwater, the river, and the atmosphere, the farm has failed to take any corrective action. Hence, a complaint was lodged with the corporation authorities. 

The public demand that the thatched roof sheds housing the animals have to be removed immediately as they are highly susceptible to catching fire. They insist on the urgent eviction of the farm as it affects public health.