One of TN’s best kept secrets – A 2,000-year-old temple to Lord Vishnu, its legacy unravelled only on HistoryTV18 ‘India: Marvels & Mysteries with William Dalrymple’

Chennai, Jan. 2024

Overlooking the Tambarapani river and shadowed by the Western Ghats, there is a temple in Thirukurungudi that has been a significant cultural and religious site for over two millennia. This Friday, HistoryTV18 reveals the story of the legendary Azhagiya Nambi Rayar on ‘India: Marvels & Mysteries with William Dalrymple’. Legends date it back as far as 2000 years, with references from the 8th century, the temple’s roots intertwine with the history of the Pandya kings and the Bhakti poets, the Azhwars. 

The temple’s most significant expansion occurred in the 17th century under the Nayaka Kings, who commissioned over 2000 intricate stone carvings that adorn its walls and towers. Among its many wonders is the Chitra Gopuram, a 96-foot gateway tower filled with wooden and granite carvings depicting scenes from Hindu epics and ancient sea trade. The temple’s revival and restoration, undertaken thirty years ago, have helped in reclaiming its status as one of India’s great artistic wonders, celebrating the legacy of its builders and patrons across centuries. 

Watch noted historians and experts share the centuries-old legends and lore of the temple this Friday, 19th January at 9 PM on HistoryTV18. 

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