Russia’s Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University strengthen the collaboration with its Indian partners

‘Study Abroad Educational Consultants’
 of Chennai, recently signed (6th April 2021) an MoU with Baltic Federal University (BFU), Russia, for promoting the educational opportunities of the University in the Indian market of educational services.

“Interest of Indian students in Russian education, especially medical education, has been increasing in the recent times. Our collaboration with Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, one of the leading Medical Universities in Russia, is sure to suffice their educational requirements. The University brings in more opportunities to aspirants with its undeniable advantages like an interesting geographical position, readiness to dialogue and a wide range of educational programs”, said Mr. Ravi Chandran, Director, Study Abroad Educational Consultants.

He said “Certification procedure for the graduates of medical universities with foreign diplomas will change soon in India. A mandatory year of clinical practice for those who want to validate their medical diploma is being cancelled. As a result, the flow of applicants wanting to study in Russia will predictably increase. There are not so many universities with a good quality medical education in English in Russia. Thus, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is an important strategic partner for us”.

Ms. Anna Tyshetskaya, Vice-Rector for Education, BFU said, “An international collaboration is the priority for BFU today. We focus on an International collaboration aimed at an expansion of Russian education, especially medical one”.

“Today BFU has everything you need for the best quality education. There is modern equipment, first-class teachers, an opportunity to train at Kaliningrad hospitals and abroad. We are always open to collaboration. We understand a strong demand from our Indian colleagues for the program “General medicine”, so we day by day increase the quantity of students for this program” underlined the Vice-Rector.

With Mr. Ravi Chandran’s recommendation, 17 Indian students have entered Baltic Federal University in 2020. But they’ll be able to come to Kaliningrad only by the end of April due to the pandemic restrictions. Olga Kim, the Vice-Rector for International Activity and Strategic Communication, assured that all necessary conditions for comfortable living in Russia and quality educational process were provided for Indian freshmen.

After the official meeting, Mr. Ravi Chandran visited Institute of Medicine and Institute of Living Systems of BFU to meet the administration and the teachers. He also inspected modern dormitories for foreign students. 

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