Tamil Nadu’s Gen Z eyes investments in Bitcoin as Digital Gold: CoinDCX report

Chennai: Generation Z of Tamil Nadu is aggressively eyeing investments in Bitcoin as per the data revealed by CoinDCX, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. The company reported it has registered rise of 20% among Gen Z investors in cryptocurrency in the state. The data further revealed that the majority of young investors are coming from the capital city Chennai. To ensure early adopters of cryptocurrency do not suffer fraud, CoinDCX has introduced CoinDCX Go, an easy investment platform in crypto backed by secured features.

As per Sumit Gupta, CEO CoinDCX, Chennai, Kochi and Bengaluru are some of the cities witnessing a rise in investment into crypto assets. Women from these cities are also increasingly investing in crypto assets, almost contributing to around 20% of the pie chart.

CoinDCX, via its recently launched app CoinDCX Go, is trying to bridge the gap between those challenged by knowledge on crypto and those concerned by their investments’ safety and security. CoinDCX Go app is available for Android and IoS devices and has been downloaded more than 1,50,000 times since its launch is meant for new users to come on board the crypto space.

A user can buy or sell crypto on the app while quickly navigating through its secured backdrop and complete transaction on the platform as he finishes his coffee or tea. The app only features the very best of 14 out of some 4000+ crypto assets that exist in the market today.

The CoinDCX Go App incorporates a 7M framework- a stringent path to list selected crypto assets – while considering the Indian government’s concern to safeguard investors. 7M framework consists of Model, Mechanics, Management, Market, Motivation, Momentum and Money. This framework’s philosophy ensures that new crypto investors only invest in the safest and the best crypto assets.

Emphasising on aspects of rising crypto investors in Tamil Nadu, Neeraj Agarwal, Co-Founder, CoinDCX, said, “Ensuring safety and security is our topmost priority. CoinDCX has partnered with Bitgo, the most trusted crypto custodian globally, to ensure users’ crypto funds are completely safe and insured on the Go app. Besides, it also partnered with Onfido to protect users against user identification fraud last year.”

The crypto industry has seen a significant jump in business since the pandemic started. More and more global investment firms and investors are beginning to invest in crypto assets in the last few months. In all of this, Bitcoin is leading the race. Today it has a market valuation of over USD 1.3 trillion. Globally many economists and investors view Bitcoin as digital gold. 

Lend – Decentralized lending service wherein users can earn 12.87% APR

Margin – With up to 6x leverage trades across more than 250 markets

Stake – Users can earn passive income by staking their cryptos

The exchange has a powerful yet simple interface that provides fast and reliable trading experience for professional and novice customers alike. CoinDCX is backed by world-class security processes which includes a safe & instant KYC verification process and insurance cover to safeguard users’ funds. 

CoinDCX was recently recognized as “Great Place to Work”

For more information, visit https://coindcx.com/

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