This Pongal, Indian actors Aishwarya Rajessh, Megha Akash, DD and many more took to social media to celebratetheir identity through their hair

As the Tamil community prepared for Pongal this year, Indian actors Aishwarya Rajesh, Megha Akash, Dhivya Dharshini, Nivetha Pethuraj, Vani Bhojan and many other influencers took to social media to showcase how their hair is not just core to their appearance but also their personality, and encouraged their followers to join them in this celebration of their identity.

Hair is not just the best beauty ally for women, but is also central to her identity and expression. An exemplification of her moods and feelings, hair is an intimate characteristic of a woman that lends volumes to her persona. This is especially true in the case of Indian women, where hair has always been an integral accessory to one’s overall appearance. Recognizing this,Parachute Advansed, which stands for nurturance and authenticity, once again emphasised the importance of hair and the role it plays in defining a woman’s identity, through its latest brand film and campaign #EnMudidhaanNaan.

The brand filmshowcased different hairstyles for Pongal that represent different forms of expression – be it a traditional braided hairdo or a Thalaivar-inspired look – each woman is shown expressing her identity through herself or in this case, her hair. Inspired by the brand film, the celebrities donned their favourite look on social media for Pongal and danced to the rustic lyrics set in catchy folk tunes unbridled with energy and flair that is uniquely Tamil.

Renowned Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajessh said, “The Pongal film by Parachute Advansed – EnMudidhaanNaan – has inspired me to choose to be my true self this Pongal. As women contemplate on how to dress up, what jewellery to wear, whether to leave their hair down or put it up in a bun; this film encouraged us to be fearless and simply showcase our true self this Pongal. My hair is my swag. And when I roll it up or tie it down, there is no end to my swagger. The super catchy tunes in the brand film just got me inspired to go the Thalaivar way with my hair”

Renowned film actress Megha Akash said“Pongal has always been a grand celebration at home and each year I take on a new look to celebrate this beautiful day. When I came across Parachute Advansed’s brand film it truly struck a chord with me.My mom is my biggest inspiration and no wonder that I like to wear my hair like my amma. I love the allure of leaving my hair open or twisting it into a classic braid, all decked with some lovely malli poo.This wonderful brand film inspired me to style my hair the Amma way.”

DhivyaDharshini, a renowned Indian television host and actress said, “Parachute Advansed’s latest film on Pongal showcases a magical backdrop of what goes around a Tamil household on this auspicious day.Setting my hair, the Tamizh Ponnu way is all I need to feel set for a good day. Nothing can match how stunning my hair looks when they cascade down or twirl into a braid, pinned with some lovely malli poo. And withcatchy tunes coupled with a festive playout, this ravishing Pongal film is bound to make you groove!”

The #EnMudidhaanNaan campaign by Parachute Advansed gained virality soon after it went live on social media and even saw participation from various dancers across Tamil Nadu thanks to the catchy tunes of the brand film.

Link to the digital film:

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