Tripura People Association of Tamilnadu organised a “COVID-19 vaccination drive in Chennai”:-

Chennai 6 June 2021: Tripura People Association of Tamilnadu is an non profit cultural organization which was officially registered on January-2021.People who are originally the residents of Tripura state but due to their career and professional need staying at Tamilandu has come together and formed this association.Currently this association have around 80 –active members and many more eagerly waiting to join.

The main purpose of this organisation is to not only be culturally bound together with the people of Tripura , but also to contribute socially to the needy people.This organisation even before its official registration has conducted numerous activities to support the needy people.During the peak corona pandemic situation, this organisation has contributed more than Rupees:-30,000 to the Tripura Chief Minister relief Fund for fighting CORONA.The organisation members worked day and night to send thousands of state migrants by arranging special trains to Tripura during the Covid 19 1st wave-lock down period.

These wonderful groups of people have even distributed food packets to the needy people during the pandemic ,when lots of people were homeless and were running out of ration supply.Now, currently during this second wave and during this tough time again Tripura association have come forward to support the society and have organised a COVID 19 vaccination drive for the people of all communities.

The vaccination drive got an overwhelming response from all communities across the society.  The most beautiful thing is that almost 80’/, of the people who got vaccinated are from Tamilnadu.This is the way Tripura association is giving back to the society in a most generous way.Without concern about their person Health and safety the volunteers of Tripura association has come forward selflessly to make this vaccination drive successful.

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