Content by Catalyst Public Relations PR is all about getting your brand the mileage you want in the media.  To achieve this goal, the news you want carried must offer better news value than the millions of pieces competing for attention. In short, it must have an attractive hook for the media to bite. This calls for a PR strategy that can create this buzz for you.  Here are a few smart ways of doing this. Go topicalTopics that are trending are hot! They are the flavour of the day and if your brand piggybacks on them, you are likely to get the mileage you want. Spinning a brand story that touches it will give your news a greater chance to get published. For instance, the recent demonetisation was a big opportunity for bank and financial brands to cash in and get featured in the news. Bank officials shared their views and this received a wide reach. The response was naturally higher. If you have noticed, during festivals, special days and seasons, you will find articles dedicated to them. For instance, around Diwali, magazines and papers will have special recipes for Diwali, Diwali fashion etc. Exploit this to your advantage. Photo OpportunitiesNews need not always be in the form of news articles or snippets. It can also be in the form of photographs. This is a quick way to get mileage. Say for instance, you are a cosmetic brand, you could create a photograph featuring a model with a special look for New Year. This is likely to get published far easily than an article. The reason being that the media also needs attractive images to dress up its pages. Creating interesting photos of your event or pictures that in some way depict your brand so that it relates in a wider way with your audience will world. Share it with news agenciesIt’s not just about getting a great photo or having an exciting piece of news to share. How and where you share it also is an important part of PR strategy. One of the most effective ways to share it is with large news agencies such as UNI, PTI and IANS. These disseminate information across India and the world, if your news or photo gets there, the chances of it getting picked up increase exponentially. The news could get carried anywhere in the world.Reach out, reach smart!

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